Video 6. The client dashboard

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Advanced settings

Settings below are available in Organization Toolkit version 1.4 or later.

When you install the Organization Toolkit plugin, a new page will be created in your WordPress installation called “Client dashboard”. If you edit this page, you’ll see that the functionality for this is driven from a shortcode:


Further customisation of the client dashboard can be achieved by passing in the following parameters:


Default: False

If set to true, makes it so that group leaders can only see users who are in the same Organization as them in the client dashboard. This is useful if you have a LearnDash group made up of users in different Organizations.

Example usage: [b2b_client_dashboard same_org_only = ‘1’]


Default: Empty (all categories)

Add a comma separated list of course category ID’s to make it so that only courses within the categories listed will be shown in the client dashboard.

Example usage: [b2b_client_dashboard course_categories = ‘1,2,3’]

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