Is there any limit to the number of interacti

No, you can add as many interactions as you wish.

How do I instruct a lesson to be released or

You can choose an interaction to happen based on a specific date and time. You

If a group is enrolled on multiple courses, c

Yes, each course can have a unique workflow.

How are scheduled emails sent out?

Emails are scheduled using WordPress’ behind the scenes event scheduler and sent out through your

How much control do I have over the emails?

Plugin administrators can specify the entirety of the email content. To save time, you can

Is there any coding skill required to use thi

No. As long as you are comfortable with the WordPress and LearnDash administration areas this

What do I need to use Cohort Manager for Lear

All you need is a WordPress site with the latest version of LearnDash installed.

How quickly can I set up a workflow for my co

Workflows are created in one screen, making it very easy to set these up. You

Can I already drip lessons in LearnDash witho

Yes, but this has some significant  limitations. Dripped lessons in LearnDash can only be managed

What can I do with Cohort Manager?

If you want to create a course where each lesson is made available to a