What abilities do Organizations have in Learn

Organizations can be made up of one or more LearnDash Groups. Any group leaders within

Does it matter if my sales website is on a di

The Arlo and LearnDash Integration plugin is purely focused on the interaction between Arlo and

Cohort Specific Shortcodes

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGQgZ4ipe3M&list=PL92GYZpnn5B_8F7iv6bra5LAXmUkL7mzJ&index=6 Advanced usage The [cohort_manager_startdate /], [cohort_manager_first_interaction /] and [cohort_manager_custom_date /] shortcodes are intended to be used within

Interaction: Enrolling and Unenrolling groups


Interaction: Scheduling group emails

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zt-FCKlw4Xs&list=PL92GYZpnn5B_8F7iv6bra5LAXmUkL7mzJ&index=4 You can personalise your cohort manager emails by inserting any of the following “tokens”

Interaction: Unlocking Lessons


Creating Cohort workflows




Does Cohort Manager integrate with WooCommerc

Cohort Manager was created to aid the delivery of courses, rather than the enrolment process.

Can we track which emails have been sent and

There is a status column next to any email interactions to say whether they have