2. Connecting to Arlo

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After installing your plugin, it’s time to connect it to Arlo. The first step is to create a new Contact in your Arlo account, which will be used to communicate between Arlo and your WordPress/Learndash system.

  1. Log into your Arlo platform, then select Contacts from the top bar
  2. Select New contact to create a new contact
  3. Give your contact a First name, Last name and Email address. This email address should ideally be related to your company domain (e.g. [email protected]<yourdomain>.com). Note down this email address for later
  4. Under the Security section, tick the Access to the API and System administrator boxes, then choose Save and close
  5. In the Contacts section, find your newly created contact and click on their name. There should be an option to Activate now in the top left of the page. Click on this link.
  6. Enter a password for the newly created contact here and note it down for later


Now that you have created the account, we can use it to connect your platform to Arlo.
  1. Head to Arlo and LearnDash Integration -> Settings. You should see a notice to say that your site is not yet connected to Arlo.
  2. In the Arlo Platform URL field, enter the address of your Arlo platform. This should just include the <yourplatform> part and not the https:// before it.
  3. Enter the account details for the Arlo contact that you just created into the Arlo API user email address and Arlo API Password fields, then click Save Changes
  4.  If everything has been set up an entered correctly you should now be connected to Arlo.